Commercial Sales & Services

Portable Fire Extinguishers

At The RED Force®, we provide many brands and types of portable fire extinguishers, but insist on carrying only the highest quality fire safety products. Our inventory is centered on providing you with all commonly needed fire safety products. Need a more customized product? Our nationwide network ensures you will have access to the products you need, with a timeliness you demand, at the prices you’ve come to trust with The RED Force®.

As a full service provider, we will meet your fire extinguisher needs ranging from 2.5 lb fire extinguishers with vehicle brackets to 350 lb wheeled fire extinguishers, and everything in between. We carry ABC Dry Chemical, BC Dry Chemical, CO2, Class K Kitchen, and Clean Agent fire extinguishers. If you need a fire extinguisher, come to The RED Force®!

Restaurant Systems – Pre-Engineered

The RED Force® is licensed and equipped to install and service all of your restaurant system needs. From the initial steps of advising and installing the entire UL-300 compliant system to the annual inspection and routine maintenance, we have you covered. We are certified on all major brands of restaurant system equipment and we provide a quick and comprehensive service to this area of your business.

Security & Alarm

Sometimes life safety is through heroic means in the face of intense heat, while other times it is the early detection and warning systems that provide an invaluable service towards life safety. From alarm control panels, to various detectors, to pull stations, and even the necessary equipment for routine analysis of your system – we have you covered. You can be confident that we will provide what you need to ensure fire hazards are detected and all personnel is alerted to further enable life safety.

Exit & Emergency Lights – Safety Products

The RED Force® aims to meet both personal and workplace safety concerns through our inventory of safety products. These items include safety cones & triangle, safety ladders, helmets, ear & eye protection, safety harnesses, lockout stations, and flammable liquids cabinets. The RED Force® checks, installs, and repairs your emergency, exit and combo lights. Need a fire extinguisher sign? We have those too.

Is there a safety product which we can’t get for you? We haven’t found one yet, so give us a call and let The RED Force® be your fire products provider.

First Aid Equipment

When life safety is the concern, having the appropriate first aid products available is essential to minimize additional danger, provide relief, and enable full future recovery. These products may be as simple as first aid kits, medication, and bandages or the situation may require bodily fluid clean up, sanitary eye wash, burn relief, or an AED. All of these first aid products, and more, are available through The RED Force®.

Engineered Clean Agent Systems

We provide customized solutions to your sensitive material preservation concerns. Each Engineered Clean Agent System is uniquely designed for the individual needs and requirements of your specific area and the property which you seek to protect. Clean Agent systems are environmentally friendly and are commonly used in areas of sensitive machinery and valuable information, such as data centers.