Fact or Myth? Static Electricity and a Gas Station.

Definitely fact. In a video taken from a security camera of a gas station, a young lady pulls up to a pump. She’s wearing a wool sweater and slides out of the car. She starts pumping gas, and gets back into the vehicle, leaving the door open. At some point later, she slides back out of the vehicle and the first thing she touches is the gas pump. The static electricity that she had generated is discharged at the pump and a ball of fire erupts … fortunately only for a moment. Everything worked right. The gas pump stopped. She pulled the hose out. But I’m sure she left with a story to tell. What should be done to avoid this, especially on dry winter days?

  • When you get out of a vehicle, always ground yourself by touching something, the car, a support column, the pump before you begin pumping, etc.

  • Never get back into your vehicle while pumping gas.

  • If you must get back into the vehicle, be sure to ground yourself when you get back out, by touching the vehicle.

  • Be Safe!

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