Christmas Fire Safety (Part 2)

In yesterdays post, we discussed the potential dangers associated with live Christmas trees. While they are very beautiful, there can be a substantial risk involved with a live Christmas tree. If you took the time to watch the linked video, you were able to see how quickly a fire can spread. But is that how every live Christmas tree fire has to end? Are we saying that you should NEVER use a live Christmas tree?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (the same organization conducting the test in yesterdays video), has another demonstration. This time they focus on the rate of fire spread between a dry fir tree and a tree with high needle moisture content.

As their article points out, “each year holiday [tree] fires cause 210 home fires, injure and kill dozens and cause more than $13.3 million in property damage. The NFPA also reports that one in nine Christmas tree fires lead to a death.”

This time of year is exceptionally beautiful, but as always, we want you to be safe. Feel free to follow the links to read more on Christmas fire safety.

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